Southexit (feat​.​MELL from That's Silly tone)

by Ashay

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-MELL from That's Silly tone


released January 4, 2017



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Track Name: Dead Eyes (feat.MELL from That's Silly tone)
You just fall nightmare
Fuck’in aria

Suicide of a terminally ill person that involves an
assistant who serves to make dying as painless
and dignified as possible.
Those who die in such battles become gods.
Track Name: A.X.E.L (feat.MELL from That's Silly tone)
A game information display area R22 on a display
Screen of a liquid crystal display device 13 displays
A time till restarting the game operation,

So that the player can finish the telephone
During the time and execute the rest of the game before the stop,
After a lapse of a prescribed time.
Track Name: Southexit (feat.MELL from That's Silly tone)
He had some sympathy for the child.
The man finally confessed.
The boss made me quit.

I attended the funeral of my boss today.
I kill you and i'm killer